Monday, February 7, 2011

Weary Weekends - Joys of Escapism

Yeah, slipping into the alliteration again. This weekend was somewhat chaotic, but in the good way (mostly). I signed the lease to my first apartment, my mother visited, stayed up till seven in the morning reading a manga/comic book/what-have-you (HanaKimi, I recommend it), talked a friend through serious badness, and finally had time to get homework done... Not necessarily in that order either. So yes, very busy!

Through all that, stuff piled up in my e-mail/blog-watch/Twitter/Facebook, etc. It's a delightful pain, really, checking up on everything after quite a few solid days, delightful because I love my net peeps, a pain because there's just so much. The internet, in general, seems to have this same effect. I'm on my computer for a better part of the day, either working on homework, writing or checking things. My laptop is my single most important piece of technology, I kid you not. I use this thing more than my fridge/microwave (college student's best friends). The computer itself stores my writing and homework, while the internet harbors half my social life and contact with all things not-Florida.

Honestly, after such a busy past three days, I seriously relished staying out of the dorm and finishing up a good paperback between classes (Darkfever by Karen Moning, all I can say is buy it now). This is the big reason I will remain partial to solid books and not convert to Kindle so quickly. This is the reason I want to seek more traditional means of publishing for my work. It's nice to escape from the screen for a few hours for brain rest. Good old fashioned escapism.

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  1. Congrats on your apartment. I understand busy. I'm glad you are getting some relaxation/escapism time with books. Have a wonderful week!