Monday, January 31, 2011

Signing "Saturday" (Belated)

Sorry for the delay on Signing Saturday guys! My weekend was quite busy, as my roommate and I just applied for a lease on our first apartment! Ain't that exciting?

This week's sentence is brought to you by Summer Ross, one of the most regular commenters on the blog (and for that I thank her a ton!). She requested that I sign "I believe in fairies."

Now for the dissection. For the first three or four signs of the sentence, notice how my eyebrows are up. That's some of that facial grammar in American Sign Language. Basically, your eyebrows are up for the 'topic' or subject of the sentence, and they go down and you nod for the 'comment' or information about that topic. This sentence, I sign literally: "I BELIEVE FAIRIES-fs FAIRIES LIVE." The "I BELIEVE" is pretty simple: "I believe in." The last part is a bit more tricky. Now, just to say fairies isn't enough, since believe is used for "I believe in God", so there might be some ambiguity. I added "LIVE" or, exist at the end to clarify the context. In the gloss (the literal word for word, grammatical writing of the sentence) I spelled "fairies" using the manual alphabet (fingerspelling), then did my sign for it. The reason I reinforced the idea that the little flapping sign was "fairies" is also for clarity, since that sign could also mean "angel(s)" or just be me flapping my hands to someone who doesn't know the context of the sign.

So there! Feel free to send in your sentences to cheesysigning @ I don't have anything for next week (after this week's book review), so don't be shy. If you're curious, send me in anything: long, short, simple, complicated, etc. And if Elena and Summer want to send in something else, feel free. :)


  1. That was fun! I really enjoyed the flapping- I smiled a little. Thank so much for posting!

  2. Oh I almost forgot- love the new look!

  3. ...nifty idea, and as I've mentioned earlier, a wonderful talent literally in the palm of your hands:)

    I may take you up on that sentence...lemme hash it over a bit.