Faerie Games

Melissa Danforth didn’t ask to win a trip to Ireland, she wanted a summer off school to work her butt off and recharge her bank account. Her first day on the island, and a curse attaches her to a Ren Faire escapee claiming to be a faerie.

Finn of the Ivy was the most renowned womanizer in the Otherworld, and just getting to be respected for it.  That is, until the High Queen banished to the human world for a crime he didn't commit.

Bottom line, they're stranded in a one-room walk-up together and want things back to normal. Normal means getting Finn home using a “key” to the Otherworld. Obstacles include: the only person who knows its location is in Ireland, Melissa's too broke to fly there, and a race of monsters as ancient as the fae is on their tail.

With the race for the key in full swing, if Finn and Melissa’s newfound foes don’t finish them off, the pair might kill each other before they realize they don’t want things back to normal anymore.