Friday, July 9, 2010

Writing Woes

Doesn't every wannabe/newbie/existing author have these? This morning before I head off to work at the place of inspiration for one of my favorite characters, I did one of my impulsive research sessions where I wander the internet looking for potential publishers. Google is my personal favorite search engine, but in all these sessions I always learn new tidbits about the publishing industry itself, how to better my writing, etc. This particular one spawned one rather ominous conclusion...

I am a little fish and it is the big fish. The big fish wants to eat me and I have to swim my little tail off so it doesn't accomplish that goal.

That's probably exaggerating a tad, but that is supposed to be my job, right? Selling exaggerated lies that hide truth? Using this particular analogy is fitting though, because the little fish in this scenario is getting ready to leave the shelter of mommy fish. Mommy fish is big enough, but to come from that to the publishing fish? A big dream with staggering odds.

I admit, I have no idea what I'm doing, but I'm gradually learning bit by bit. The only conclusion I'm coming to in all this is to keep swimming against the giant publishing fish and have the patience to know it will eventually pay off when I'm a bigger fish that can hold my own.

Ironic part of all this is I really don't like fish...