Sunday, February 13, 2011

More Eventful Weekends

For those of you keeping track of my Twitter, you'll see my weekend was pretty eventful yet again. Last week it was homework, this week it was social life and chores.

Friday: did my usual hang out with my language buddy (she signs and is learning Japanese with me, along with being an all around amazing sister in Christ, I have hit serious jackpot).

Saturday: planning and outlining a performance project for Japanese class with said language buddy and our other group member, then first ever experience clubbing! Yeah, that was fun, got gussied up in a little black dress and the most makeup I've worn since Halloween at Rocky Horror, then went out with a couple of girlfriends and danced the early morning away (I went to bed at 4 AM).

Sunday: church and a lot of accumulated laundry, as well as renewing my legs (my knees still ache).

It makes sense I wouldn't have much time for reading between those. I managed some scraps of my intended Indie Book and a published Urban Fantasy. The UF is Bloodfever, second book in the Fever series by Karen Moning. I am seriously hooked and don't want to put this series down so far...ever. Thank God I bought the next two books already.

The Indie Book intended for this week was Torc of Moonlight by Linda Acaster. So far it has old Romans, a Celtic Goddess, and one frustrated university student. I'm definitely intrigued! The writing style is a bit thick at first, but so far she puts it to good use in elegant descriptions and effective characterizations. The full review should be up sometime next week when I can find enough time to buckle down and read the rest.

Meanwhile, I hope everyone's weekends went as stupendously as mine!

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  1. Sounds like you had fun- Good for you! I did my last section for my Rock and Roll class, woot done with it for this semester- those these mini mester classes kick my behind. I did make a new friend out of it though :)
    I will be looking forward to your review.