Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sneaky Suggestions...

Well, still no word from that publisher. Apparently they have cons all through the beginning of October, but I'm still hoping! For now, however, I find it odd that I have a blog about writing and miscellaneous, but no actual writing of mine on here other than posts. Hence, I was wondering if anyone would actually read it if I posted the first chapter of one of my projects on here for free for all critique and/or your hopeful enjoyment.

The general back cover of this book would probably read something like this: Melissa goes about her busy life in comfortable frustration until she wins a trip to Ireland out of the blue and accidentally un-banishes a bonafide faerie. Finn, that very fae, has found himself taken away from his decadent Otherworld and stranded with a woman too prude for his liking. Unfortunately, getting Finn back home will take more money than Melissa has saved up. Their efforts at even finding the elusive way into the Otherworld, however, not only tangles them up in an emerging supernatural conspiracy, but tangles up their rocky relationship even worse.

How's it sound, eh splendid little band of people who actually read this blog? :)

I'm sure a poll would be much easier, however I have no idea how to use many of the features on this site. Leaving a yay or nay in the comments would be much appreciated!


  1. wouldn't hurt to post a snip-it...

  2. you and I are on same blog site... how fun... *huggles*

  3. that sounds interesting- I'd read it.

  4. ...very cute back cover blurb:)
    One suggestion which I'll toss out there only because I was once stung with it..."out of the blue" is one of those modern phrases that publishers have been turning their noses up to lately. Not sure why, but I once used it and got snubbed. The rest of it sounds wonderful. Good luck!