Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Enduring Endings

Well, for once I'm doing a post solely committed to plotting and craft. Or, that is the intention as I write this.

Lately I've been thinking over the first book I ever finished in seventh grade. It was supposed to be a trilogy with these hard hitting endings that would leave you wanting more through the use of...wait for it... (you have to pause for effect on this one)


Normally I see these at the end of chapters and only occasionally at the end of books (and even then they're subtle like the promise between Eragon and Roran at the end of Christopher Palioni's Eldest). When I think of an ending, I think it can be ambiguous and even leave you with a lot of loose ends, like in a series. However, my philosophy on the subject is that an ending, regardless, should leave you feeling like something was accomplished.

In every series I've read, the ending of the book didn't necessarily tie up in a neat bow, but the meaty big plot of the story DID tie up. The same goes for every episode in a series I've seen unless it's those ominous 'two-part' stories. Even then those are technically one episode. When I personally read or write a book, I want to be filled, regardless of if it has sequels or not. The only way of bringing that feeling, in my opinion, is to give some kind of closure and not leave it off for the reader to be cursing the author until their next book comes out. I, at the very least, am eager enough because of all the loose ends.

What's your take on the whole subject? Do you like endings that leave you hanging in the thick of things or can you not stand them at all? What kind of endings do you usually give your projects in this case?

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