Monday, October 25, 2010

Inspiration Instability

The only news I have to offer, regarding my life, is that classes have been heating up lately. That is the same old song and dance with school, so I suppose I don't have anything particularly exciting to report other than an influx cute guys coming to my attention. This, in itself, is a miracle! In all honesty, my corner of Florida is not the place to go for choice men, and odds are, if you see one, he is a tourist. I'm still trying to figure out how I should deliver an exerpt of Faerie Games (the back-of-book blurb from last week) to the blog, but I should have it up by the end of the week so whoever wants to can tell me their thoughts. But all that aside, on to the juicy stuff!

I thought I would talk about something that's been plaguing me lately regarding the tricky figure all artists come to love and hate: the muse. I know that's a generic term for inspiration, what makes our imaginations tick, but it is apt. Many authors go so far as to personify this, at times, mythical figure. I think, for novelty's sake, I'm going to do just that. Since I have a soft spot for Celtic Mythology (particularly in the Irish sector), I'm naming mine Brigid, after the Irish Goddess of fire, the forge, healing, and inspiration. She's quite the multi-faceted lady after all!

Going along with the multi-faceted nature of that figure, my mind is always revolving around a few particular projects I keep wanting to work on at various times. College has made my Brigid very fickle, because she keeps switching my focus between these multiple projects. On one hand, there is the Irish Faerie trilogy whose final installment I desperately need to iron out. On another hand, there is a thrilling idea for an open ended urban fantasy series I want to play with. And on a third hand, the looming month of November and NaNoWriMo is bringing up a historical fantasy I'm giddy to get to finally finish.

On one hand, I am happy that Brigid is churning out so many fun ideas. She used to go through outrageously long dry spells while I was between projects. However, I have trouble focusing as it is when I have the drive to write, but when it is being split into so many directions how in the world am I going to find time to finish anything?

Rest assured, the girl always comes through for me in the end, so I'm not worried on that front. However, I'm wondering how other aspiring/established authors manage this overflow of ideas. How do they focus and sort their attention? How do they keep the motivation to stick with one project without wandering away to the next shiny idea? I hear this is a frequent occurrence among writers, has it happened to any of you?

And on a completely different note, what is your attitude toward your muse? I would love to meet them if they've developed a monster personality of their own.


  1. My Fairy muse...she fly everywhere, and don't be fulled bu her sparkling dust. You know this would be a great idea for a blog topic...introducing my muse...LOL Thanks for the idea.

    and currently I'm in the same place as you. all these ideas, plus school, plus kids, plus NaNo.

  2. ...most often than not, the relationship with my muse is one of quiet long as I keep hammering the keys. If procrastinating leads to a night on the couch...the muse lowers its fangs and I've no choice but to make haste to my Dell:)