Saturday, January 15, 2011

Signing Saturday!

As per my New Year's resolution for the blog, since last week was Review Friday, this week is Signing Saturday!

This year's first phrase was submitted by Elena Solodow: "She was a writer."

A little breakdown: The first sign is "BEFORE" usually meaning "in the past" or denoting the past tense of something. The pointing, or "SHE" is the generic pronoun of American Sign Language. Gender and location are entirely based on context, you just point to who you're referencing and you have "she/he/him/her" etc. The last two signs were a compound of the verb "WRITE" and a person marker of sorts. Combined they make "WRITER."

For basic sentences I can do breakdowns like that pretty easily. For longer ones, well you'll have to take my word for it.

The original concept was to translate chunks of English text people sent me into American Sign Language. I've decided to expand a bit on that idea to include little tidbits about Sign Language Interpreting. You may see these interpreters at Church if it has a Deaf Ministry, perhaps at school in a class, perhaps at a lecture or a conference, even at a play. They are nearly everywhere you could imagine! So, today's tidbit of information: a little bit about how Interpreters dress and why.

So, I hope you enjoyed Signing Sunday! If you want to take part in the Translation portion, send your statement/text to btartaglia29 @


  1. Its interesting to see a sentence signed out.

    I like that you included some helpful facts about what you are doing.

    The second video is hilarious! I really enjoyed watching it, I hope you do more like these.

  2. Excellent videos! Glad you guys are learning how to dress like one here at USF. That was one thing I wondered if they taught or not as some schools (and as a consequent, interpreters) are... let's just say, lax on their dressing rules.

    Looking forward to Signing Saturdays! I'd be happy to help you with any videos if you need a partner. :D

  3. I LOVED this! Entertaining and informative. I never thought about how the signer is dressed. Very good points there.

    As for your comment on the book review... it does look like an Amish cover. If you like Amish settings, I just finished a free e-book from B&N that is set in an Amish community. The main characters live among the Amish. I enjoyed it. It was a great light read for bedtime. Hide in Plain Site by Marta Perry.

  4. Wow, this was so cool!!!! I can't wait to see more of these. Both videos were great. The second one made me laugh.