Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dozy Day 2

It is now day two of Nanowrimo...I am happily trekking forward with a cushy 500+ word buffer at where I'm supposed to be. I have to say, doing an attempt at historical accuracy in a historic fantasy is wearing on the eyes as far as research goes. So many little details to get straightened out! I've learned, even more, the power of a good Google search and the value of Wikipedia for casual research in these past writing sessions.

I also stayed up with a buddy of mine last night (or should I say this morning) doing nothing but writing the novel, all while I am completely caught up with my homework at the moment for today. I even have time to patiently wait for my Glee to come on while typing this. I have to say, it's a good start to the month. Only down side? I'm tired as hell, hades, and all the other underworlds known to religious belief.

I think I'm re-learning a very good bit of technique in this whole marathoning process. I've heard it on other writer blogs, and I'm sure that the attitude of muses varies with their owners, but sitting down to work on this purposeful spewing out of a rough draft is actually making Brigid (my muse) very responsive. I've gone weeks with spuratic outpourings onto this rough draft or that rough draft once in a while when I have time, but making time for it is getting such good results! Experience is the best teacher it seems, am I right?

For those of you who are doing Nanowrimo, how are your month-long novels going this early in the game? Shaky or wildly successful? What about those of you who aren't doing Nano? What are your thoughts on sessioning your writing and how your work responds to it?


  1. Congrats on the cushion. I'm about 500 word under to star- but I think I can make that up this weekend if I get all my homework done before say Friday night. I'm sitting at 3,570 words. So I'm not unhappy with myself :)
    I agree the creativity is there when writing regularly.
    Best of luck...

  2. ...a lack of time has made it impossible for me to compete in NaNo, :( but I've enjoyed reading of my fellow writer's experiences. It must be tough dealing with the workload of Nano, teamed with all your studies. Good luck, and thanks for your kind words of encouragement on my blog:)