Sunday, November 21, 2010

Keeping Commitment (Nano Day 21)

The Nano themed month continues. Unfortunately, my novel progress has come to a halt just short of the halfway point. I'm hoping going home and liberating myself in the warm embrace of turkey stuffing and pumpkin pie will help the creative juices start flowing as well as my anticipatory saliva glands. However, my biggest obstacle at the moment is coming from school. Despite the fact I've been keeping up with homework lately, the credit stacking I decided at the beginning of the semester is catching up with me near its end. Eighteen credits wasn't so bad with my classes at first, and even now I'm still finding time for sleep and a sparse social life. That's a good sign, I think. Next semester, though, I'm definitely keeping it light. Only three bulky classes and a pretty free schedule otherwise. Spring will be for finishing this rough draft the rest of the way!

This business leads me to the topic of today's post. This month, I'm sure people have been beating the subject of 'balancing life and writing' to death. I thought I'd try a different format if I can successfully figure out how to embed a video into this post. Wish me luck, and even better, watch if I'm successful!


  1. I write on the go- carry an extra notebook and write in between classes, I also do a bit of compromising, say I have four classes. I have homework in all of them, so I spend an hour or so in the morning reading for one class, go to two classes, write in between, look through my due dates in homework, do the ones that must be done first like the six sections in french writing- so I do my french writing, take about an hour break and play online then write of 20- to hr, then start homework in the next subject until kids get home- then I make dinner, help kids do homework, watch a movie with them, they go to bed and its 9pm already- Then I work on a little bit of homework like reading before bed. then get up the next day and start all over again...good luck

  2. ...carrying an extra notebook is essential regardless of one's tedious schedule. Ideas have a way of erupting through concrete, springing from hollowed tree trunks, or peeking out from one's glove compartment. The trick is to be prepared, notebook in hand, to snatch them whenever presented...because once they're gone, they're gone:)