Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Back and Better!

Yes, after a rather forced hiatus from blogging because of end of semester crunch (thank God it's over!), I'm back and excited to get some time off to catch up on my word count and my reading.

Today is mostly about status updates.

First: If you didn't already know, I've created an author page with a spiffy domain name of its own and everything. Just this past weekend, I added a character art section where visitors can view drawings made by other people, and even a few by yours truly. If it sounds interesting, do check it out at http://www.betartaglia.com ! That's also one of the places where I'll be making big time updates as to the status of FAERIE GAMES and other developments, so keep it in mind, spread it around a little. :)

Second: I finally got an e-reader, a Kobo, but unfortunately I that means I can't get kindle formats in there. Some of them transferred over okay, so I have a few weeks I can go, but they will run out eventually. For those of you who frequent ebooks regularly, where else is a good place to find different, more open formatted ebooks? Any suggestions, promos?

That's about it for me today. I'll do my best to have a review posted by around Friday or Saturday. I hope everyone else is having a good, stress-free week!


  1. I have a Kobo as well and I really like it though kindle stuff doesn't work so good on it sometimes. Glad your back- I missed you. I did an author page too! Its on my blogger if you want to go look. I'll go look at yours now....

    Nice- I like the character art- its fun and amusing!

  2. what format does Kobo prefer? I'll convert mine and send it through again :)

  3. I had Kobo on my last BB, but new one isnt compatable. I have a kindle and love it.