Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year, New Ideas

So tomorrow is New Year's Eve in my part of the world (Sunshine State and Lightning Capital of the World, funny right?). Lots of exciting stuff has happened this year, one of the most exciting still hanging over my head with an ominous e-mail of epic doom yet to come. Not telling what exactly that is until it happens, though, so let's hope it's soon! I've also been thinking that since starting this little blog, I've actually enjoyed using it. It's one of the few new things I've started that's actually stuck. And I've found some really good places and even better writing advice through it (here's looking at Nathan Bransford, My Inner Fairy, My Writing Masquerade, So close, but..., Damsel in a Dirty Dress, Pimp My Novel, You're Write. Except When You're Rong., and above all Writer Beware!).

Just to mix things up, I decided to add some new features to the blog. Since I don't have nearly as many classes next semester, I'll actually have more time to accomplish them too! The first is, in my quest to read more, I decided to review a book every other week. So every other Friday/Saturday I will have a book read and a review written up about it. So, any suggestions would be appreciated! My interests lie in anything medieval, historic, fantasy, and with a strong romance. Expect to see those predominantly. I am willing to branch out with a good recommendation, however.

The second feature I'm thinking about will be in an endeavor to sustain my sign language skills. By now, I'll be expected to interpret various things for school. Anything from medical appointments to every day conversation. So, has anyone ever been curious about how to say something in American Sign Language? I'm not talking single vocabulary, I'm talking entire sentences with grammar and everything. I'm in no way an expert (I'm not Deaf), but this is what I'm going to school for, and I know people I can consult to make sure the interpretation is valid. So, if anyone has a chunk of text they want translated into ASL, please post it in the comment section of this post or send it in to cheesysigning @ . The weeks I'm not doing the book reviews, I'll post up a video of your interpretation on the same day for your education and enjoyment. :)

So, if either of these interests you, please leave a comment or send in an email. I look forward to hearing from you and wish all of you a Happy New Year!


  1. Those are both good ideas. Good books to read (strong romantic Element) books by Christine Feehan and Kim Harrison, other books..."The Thirteenth Tale" by Diane Setterfield...and i would suggest getting on to get a fresh look at new authors, perhaps even request a book to review from author blogs you already have that would like reviewers.

    Perhaps your SL can be done to paragraphs of fiction? That i would be interested in seeing, but only if others are as well- I wouldn't want you to do extra work for just me. :)

  2. ...learning to sign is a brilliant endeavor to achieve! A talent not only worth its weight from a communication standpoint, but could fester into a promising career someday, working with the less fortunate. Something to consider.

    Wishing you the very best in '11 in whatever path you choose to venture:)


  3. Thanks for visiting. I look forward to seeing your reviews.

    Good luck with your classes!

  4. I was just checking my contest blog... I've had several visitors and comments, but not entries! Somehow (probably operator error) my contest form disappeared. It's back now. If you tried to enter my give-away, please give it another shot.


  5. Those are both excellent things to add to your blog - and thanks for the shout-out. How about something simple for a sign language translation?

    She was a writer.