Friday, December 3, 2010

Exciting Experiments!

Exams are upon me as are the last days of the semester! I couldn't be more thrilled. Finally I can get back to isolating myself with no looming concerns and write like crazy. I'm looking forward to winter break so much it's not even funny.

So, while Korean Pop music is blaring in my ears (it's what's inspiring me right now, I'm not questioning Brigid), I am presently working on a new project. And for those of you who read about the blog a book idea I ran across last week, you know I have decided to try this for fiction. I'll give you three chances to guess what those two have in common, and the first one doesn't count. That's right, I'm going to blog this new project as I progress on it.

The way I'm going to make it work is set up a different blog dedicated exclusively to this project, do a brief intro post to explain the premise, then post an entry every 500-700 words until the entire rough draft is posted. The theory is, by making a blog dedicated to this book and making it a read as I write it kind of thing, it should garner a readership by the time I'm ready to start querying, and thus better promote a writing routine for myself with that motivation. I hope the experiment will pay off and feel free to use this format or make your own improvements if you feel like trying it out.

The project is an urban fantasy where faeries are running loose right under the nose of modern America, and people are dying because of it. That's why the Fianna were made: groups of faerie attack survivors whose job is to hunt these creatures and stop them from striking again. Lucy Harper and her mother, Helen, sought asylum with the Fianna, and now fight these things under the leadership of Yoel Schwartz and his daughter Kaida. Unfortunately, when members of Yoel's group turn up dead, there is reason to think that something is hunting down the Harper family on in addition to the faerie that drove them to the Fianna in the first place. Now Lucy and Helen must find a way to catch both faeries chasing them down before they and their entire new home become the fae's newest victims.

If you're in any way interested, check it out! And if you still like it after that, tell your friends!

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  1. ...the faerie phenomenon is running strong in the literary world right now. Your idea is sound...strike while the kettle's hot:)