Thursday, September 9, 2010

Satisfaction? What Scandal!

Well, I'm actually timely with my next post unlike usual. And this week I am reporting on a very happy note as well! This is only being reinforced by the spazztastic Dance Dance Revolution Jpop blaring from my computer speakers at the moment. I just might play some after this...

Classes are going very well. I'm ahead in my sign language translation class and turned in my first short story project in my solitary fiction class. It was relief to write that amid the waves of poetry I've been immersed in this semester. I'm not a born poet, I understand this, and this is only making me have newfound respect for those who weave language in stanzas, not prose. Writing as also been going well. I got 1300 words in one session between the pathetic squeaks of my dorm's broken fire alarm system after close to a week of nothing. And speaking of writing...(what else would this blog be about?)

On to the main event!

After sending out a ton and a half of query emails to various agents and publishers, I actually got a positive response from one of the earlier small presses. Now, I am not sure about anything certain quite yet, but this is a nice bit of encouragement after a summer of standing in front of a giant screen at Taco Hell only to exchange that for a few hours worth of poetry reading each week (believe me, the latter is preferred).

So whilst I am inwardly celebrating this amazing blessing between trudging through university sidewalks in the Florida summer humidity, what good things have been happening to you this week? Type out some bright spots in your days of work, school, marriage, children, all of the above, what have you.

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  1. I am ever so happy to hear of this advance in your writing endeavors. My cuatro espada has actually been doing his writing of his own, but alas...they say his poems are far too depressing to unleash on the public.

    That being said, my life has been going quite well. I've done some remodeling to a small town, gotten a whole new look, and....took out some trash. All in all I have been having a wonderful time, if only children weren't pestering me constantly...such a nuisance.