Friday, April 2, 2010

Who Is The Cheese?

Welcome to BrieTheCheese: a blog about myself, my life and my work as an aspiring novelist. Now, I’m sure some of you are wondering why exactly I picked this blog name and even if you aren’t, you’re reading this post so I hope you’ll be interested enough to continue. My real name is rather long and drawn out, Briannon, so when I was little I endeavored to come up with a nickname for myself. Since my name is rather long, I was often called some variant of “Bri, Bree, Bria,” however you spell that. My mother sat me down to help me find a way to spell that nickname. We looked through all the combinations and I liked the aesthetic quality of “Brie”. My mom then told me that was a kind of watery cheese. From then on, my nickname has been both Brie and Cheese among friends and family alike.

Quirky anecdote aside, I am a college student majoring in Sign Language Interpretation with a minor in Creative Writing. So what’s with it, a “cheese” that’s going to be a sign language interpreter and an author? There have been odder combinations, you have to admit. Either way, this combination fits me best and I intend to see both through to their inevitable ends. Sign language lets me use my hands in the same way I use my pen to express myself on a level deeper than mere language by using just that medium.

However, this is supposed to be about my writing primarily. I’ve been writing since seventh grade where I completed the first crap manuscript I ever thought up about a tough girl princess with dragon wings and a bitter prince who rode dragons like horses for a living. I let my English teacher read the entire thing, start to finish, and she actually told me to try getting is published at 12 years old. Luckily, I have matured past that level, but everyone has to start somewhere and that 263 pages of notebook paper was mine. Nowadays, my characters are more fleshed out and my plots less fantastic despite the fact I like dealing in the fantasy genre. I have recently started sending out my manuscript, Faerie Games, out to a potential publisher and a literary agency. Here’s hoping my unpublished status won’t stay that way for long!

So that is basically me in a nutshell! I hope you enjoy the blog as I readily update it whenever something interesting enters my thoughts or happens in my life. Happy reading and thank you for checking me out.

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